How To Be Cocky And Funny

How to be cocky and funny

‘Cocky and Funny’ describes the style of conversation whereby you mix equal parts of arrogance and humor – usually by making fun of something or someone.

When done with the right tone, it’s a powerful tool when interacting with an attractive woman for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it makes you stand out from the crowd.  You’re not just another guy trying to be polite and nice, or clumsily hitting on her because she’s hot.

It communicates that you must have your shit together – you must be a high value guy with options, because you’re not scared about saying the wrong thing.  You’re just having fun and the fact that she is attractive simply doesn’t faze you.

Secondly, it makes your interaction both fun and edgyThe girl will think back on the time she spent with you with a smile on her face, and want to spend more time with you, so she can get “that buzzy feeling” again.   (Compare that with the “buzz” level you’d achieve if you were just complimenting her on her looks and explaining what you do for a living…)

Here are the basic guidelines for how to be cocky and funny:

1. Equal Measures Of Both Parts

The key thing to note is that both parts must be present – Cocky andFunny.  If your remarks are just arrogant without the humour, then you’ll risk coming off as bitter.

And if your remarks are funny but lack the cockiness/arrogance, then you’ll risk coming off as a clown.  Neither of which are attractive.

2. Facial Expression

The ever-so-slight smile / cheeky look / ironic eyebrow raise is essential to communicating that you’re not actually serious, as you deliver these funny, cutting remarks.

And I mean ever-so-slight.  You’re almost dead-pan, but not quite.

3. Amuse Yourself First

Cocky/funny is also best done as self-amusement.  You’re not saying something you hope they find funny and waiting for them to laugh at it, you are saying something that amuses you, and doesn’t need any approval from anyone else.

If you’re a dancing monkey who tells jokes as a form of providing value in order to get other people’s approval (in the form of smiles and laughter), that is inherently needy and weak.  Self-amusing cocky/funny provides value, but in a non-needy way because you are amusing yourself first and foremost.

It also means that if other people don’t find it funny, it doesn’t matter – there’s no possible “awkward silence moment” because YOU are enjoying it.

And of course, by amusing yourself, you improve your state – no matter whether the joke was appreciated by others or not.   The attitude is: “I find it funny, and if you don’t get it then you are up your own ass.  You need to chill, relax and have fun.”

4. Sprinkle It Like Salt On A Meal

One of the most common mistakes made by guys when they are first learning how to be cocky and funny is that they overdo it – both in terms of how arrogant the comments are, but also in terms of the quantity of cocky funny in their overall conversation.

You must overdo it, or it loses its effect.

Don’t make every single thing you say cocky/funny or teasing, but rather sprinkle it through – like using a salt shaker on a meal.

5. Up The Dosage For Hot Girls

The hotter the girl, the more cocky and busting you can be, and the more you probably will have to be in order to stand out.

Don’t use quite so much on girls you sense as being a bit insecure or not super-hot.

7s won’t react well to cockiness nearly as well as 9s and 10s.

6. Never Let All The Tension Out Completely

There’s a natural tendency to get rid of the sexual tension that arises from cocky/funny (usually by paying a compliment) because it feels slightly uncomfortable.  Don’t cave into that temptation.

If you’ve been busting on her with lots of cocky/funny and teasing, and she’s playing along and sparring with you, don’t blow it all by “reverting to comfort” at the end.

For example, say you’ve been making cocky-funny comments to your that cute girl you like about her clothing – teasing her pretty hard, but in a non-serious, funny way.  She gets that “fake shocked” look on her face, trying to hide her smile.  Don’t then lose all the tension by saying “I’m just kidding babe, I think you look really great” at the end.   You will undo all of your good work.

(NB:  If you feel you’ve gone way too far with the cockiness and you really want to say “Just kidding, you look fantastic”, then at least make sure you end it with one last cocky funny comment: “Don’t get a big head about it though… [sly smile]”.)

7. Be Prepared For Shit Tests

Expect to get lots of shit tests when you use a lot of cocky/funny.   Girls love to try to rise to your cocky/funny challenge, so expect plenty of “testing” back in return.  When this happens, it can be very fun for both of you.

For more inspiration, see this post for some cocky and funny examples.

Of course, cocky funny humor is just one of a huge number of things you can do to increase the attraction a woman feels towards you.

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