Get A Woman In Bed: The 5-Step Seduction Recipe

Get a woman in bed

The approach most guys take to getting a woman in bed is to “just see what happens and where the night goes”.

Whilst that might appeal to your romantic side, it is not the path to success.

To get a woman in bed, there is always a seduction process to be followed, whereby certain things must happen.

If you are prepared, you know the steps, and you practice making the transitions smoothly, then you’ll get a lot more action.  Once you’re more experienced, you can wing things a bit more.  But even then, preparation is still important.

The 5-Step Seduction Recipe:

Think of the dating and seduction process as a recipe, that should always include the following ingredients:

1.  Building attraction
2.  Building comfort and rapport
3.  Ensuring she has plausible deniability
4.  Escalating things smoothly
5.  Managing logistics / location changes

(I cover exactly what to do for each of these steps in great detail in the Attraction Playbook – so download your free copy now by entering your details in the box at the top of the page.)

The recipe is always the same, whether you want a long term relationship with the girl, or just a one night stand.  If you’re a guy who wants to sleep with a different girl each night – that’s fine.  If you’re a guy who wants to find that one special girl to be with, that’s also fine.  But either way, you need to put all the same ingredients together.

The entire attraction and seduction process can happen all in one night, or it can be spread over a number of different dates / weeks / events.  You might meet a girl in a bar, and take her home with you that night.  Or you might talk to a girl at a friend’s party, and go on a couple of dates and then sleep together.  Or you may flirt with a girl at work over a period of several months, and hook up on the team weekend away.

But in every scenario, all the ingredients need to be there.

The Most Common Mistakes Guys Make

When you miss out ingredients in the recipe, you greatly reduce your chances of success. Here are the common mistakes that guys make:

1.  You have built neither attraction nor comfort. “Hey baby wanna f*ck?”
Her reaction = tell you to get lost right from the start.

2.  You have built comfort and rapport, but not enough attraction.  This is what most guys do because they don’t know any better.
Her reaction = “He’s a nice guy, but I’m not feeling any chemistry”.

3.  You have built attraction, but not enough comfort/rapport.
Her reaction = finds you attractive, but thinks you’re a player who’s just trying to get into her pants, doesn’t trust you enough to progress things.

4.  You have built attraction, comfort and rapport, but fail to escalate.  If you miss the window of opportunity to escalate more than once, you may not get another chance.
Her reaction = attraction for you starts to fade, and things get awkward – you’re clearly not man enough to put your neck on the line.

5.  You have built attraction, comfort and rapport, but escalate things without plausible deniability.
Her reaction = the anti-slut defense mechanism is triggered and she gets cold feet – “This is moving too fast / I’m not that kind of girl”.

All parts of the seduction recipe must be ‘blended together’ the right way.

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