Best Place To Pick Up Girls

Best place to pick up girls

It’s a question I get asked quite often – what’s the best place to pick up girls?

Traditionally, guys tend to picture “meeting women” as happening only in bars, nightclubs, and at social gatherings – house parties etc.  But those scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of where you can meet and start conversations with attractive women.

Single women are all around you in your everyday life.

They are in coffee shops, bookstores, waiting tables at restaurants, music stores, gyms and exercise classes.  They are out shopping at clothing stores, and they take night classes.

They are on trains, at sports games, at the beach and at music gigs.   They join social clubs, sports clubs and dating websites, and they are at friends’ barbecues.  They are at the supermarket.

You can meet women everywhere – even just walking down the street.

At bars and nightclubs, women are expecting to be approached.  This has both positive and negative sides.  Women in these places are probably drinking alcohol and having fun, and are more receptive to socializing and meeting new people.

On the downside, they will also have their guard up more, and there will be more competition from other guys.  In crowded bars and nightclubs, the physical appearance of men also tends to come into play more than in other scenarios.

Each location has its advantages and disadvantages, so there isn’t one best place to pick up girls that’s better than all the others.  The point is to not limit yourself to thinking you can only meet new women in bars, nightclubs or through your existing friends.

If you have the right mindset and enough confidence, you can start a conversation with a woman almost anywhere.  In fact, if you have a relaxed, fun vibe, women usually love having the monotony of their day broken up by a conversation with an interesting guy.

You just need to know how to approach them, and how to start building attraction.

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